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Earl Sweatshirt: on ‘Tyler, the Director’, ‘Taco the Socialite’.. More Great Stories (Uncensored w/ Rosenberg @ SXSW 2013)

June 7, 2014

This summer’s Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago features a somewhat predictable, but well-chosen lineup of popular hip-hop talent.  Among them is a young, creative and rap genius, who’s been at the top of my “must-see in-concert” wish list for over two years: Earl Sweatshirt from Odd Future.  Although Earl’s not headlining  the final day of the reputed #PitchforkFestival (duties being handled by Kendrick Lamar, who deserves many of the same compliments critics afford to Earl Sweatshirt), if the majority rock/cross-genre concert audience was to have only one “ambassador” to grassroots hip-hop music gracing the roster, I would want it to be Earl.

Not simply because of the numerous, reputed (and controversial) comparisons of Earl to a young, Illmatic-era Nas, but also because of his apparent humility and authenticity, and intelligence… qualities that are lacking among many aspiring and current stars in today’s rap game: land of the incessant #CoolandTough fuckery… Rosenberg is also well-aware of what Earl could be to the world hip-hop community 10 years from now (whether Earl gives a shit or not).  Intrigued enough for a continuation to their first interview in spring 2012, which was held almost immediately upon Earl’s return home to the surprise of OF’s massive success from a completely different reality, Rosenberg caught up with Earl in Austin during SXSW…

In the living room of Earl’s Austin, TX rental for the week- along with one of OF’s ‘elders’, Domo Genesis, offering anecdotes as he rolls up off-camera, and without consistent interruption from Tyler, Rosenberg leads an unadulterated, non-PC follow-up to his 2012 Hot 97 Interview to address peoples’ unanswered questions.. most of which lead to entertaining narratives for fans who follow Odd Future… This could be the first time I’ve laughed through a YouTube video that’s more than 10 minutes long, let alone 20.. Rosenberg manages to unearth comments from Earl on his top-5 emcees, the “garbage” some of he and Domo’s OF comrades listen to, plus impressions of Taco mingling with Hollywood’s red carpet club- all in his own brand of dry humor that works perfectly with Rosenberg’s style… Great stuff:


[PRESS] The Symphony Wins 1st @ BOTB w/ !llmind, Rook & S-1

December 25, 2012

Below the video and links to the official competition set on Soundcloud is the press release I drafted to celebrate my friend, Samik’s victory at iStandard Producers’ Beast of the Beats championship competition in NYC… You can also catch plenty of The Symphony’s latest music through The #BOARDROOM Living Compilation Album.


THE SYMPHONY on Soundcloud:


Saturday, December 1st:  a five-minute contagion of scrunch-face saturated Rebel nightclub during “Beast of the Beats VI” in NYC as Philadelphia-based producer, The Symphony, showcased an epic, 3-track set of music before a Grammy-winning panel of judges including S-1 (Kanye West’s “Power”), !llmind (50 Cent), and Rook from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.  When the smoke cleared, The Symphony won first place out of 70 reputed beatsmiths, each of whose resume, at minimum, boasts a first or second place score in one of the many regional iStandard Producer Showcases across the United States.  Aside from generous supplements to his repertoire of production tools and personal supply of Monster Energy Drinks, he was also awarded the opportunity to spend a couple days in the studio with G.O.O.D. Music recording artist, Cyhi the Prynce, in Atlanta.

With the potential of some non-disclosed, A-list collaborations on the horizon, The Symphony anticipates the of release many bigger records in time, trying his hand not only in hip-hop but dub-step and house as well.  Never one to shy from challenging his own musical aesthetic or customs of the industry, he has also been a major contributor to The Boardroom, a “living album” project online that remodels itself in accordance with fan feedback.  Check it out to hear his latest single, “Everywhere”, alongside his Business As Usual Entertainment colleagues PT, DS and 2ew Gunn Ciz, plus plenty of other new music…


Mello Music Holiday Clearance

December 14, 2012

Despite the massive success procured by Rick Ross and his Maybach Music henchmen in recent years, a significant fraction of today’s hiphop fans relate the iconic “MMG” stamp more closely with Mello Music Group, one of the most thriving (truly) independent hiphop labels working right now.  Not only the long-term home for underground mainstay, Oddisee, who according Shady Records Director of A&R, Dart Parker, “is the first act I’d sign if I were running an indie label,” Mello Music is also responsible for introducing acts such as Apollo Brown, Trek Life and Has-Lo to an international audience…

They’re also one of the few hiphop labels out that still presses vinyl, let alone any kind of physical copies.  Through the rest of December, MMG is having a clearance sale on all CD and vinyl via Bandcamp; visit the link below.  Keeping with the holiday spirit, I’ve also included some great free tracks they’ve given us in the last month or so.  (Having a bitch of a time embedding the Bandcamp player, so I’ve just linked them w/ artwork.






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July 7, 2012

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