Who Am I?


Grew up near Pittsburgh, PA; lived in Philadelphia since 2000.

Graduated college from Villanova University in 2004 w/ a degree in Business Management & International Business.

After interning during college, I did local hip-hop interviews for Origivation Magazine and worked as the Promotions Manager for Goodie Goodie Productions, where I helped execute promotions campaigns for hip-hop and jam band shows at TLA, Electric Factory and other venues.  Any time Wu-Tang, Hieroglyphics, Def Jux, Lyricist Lounge, etc tours would come to Philly, we made it happen… that is… until Clear Channel did to local, independent concert promotions what Starbucks did to the corner coffee shop.

After red tape suffocated the city’s marquee venues, I broke off and started doing small venue, underground hip-hop shows and eventually working in management capacities with some local artists.  I’ve booked shows with Joell Ortiz, Heltah Skeltah, Blu, Skyzoo, Copywrite, Reef the Lost Cauze, PackFM, Jus Allah, Louis Logic, iCON the Mic King, Fel Sweetenberg and many others… During this time, I’ve also worked as a Sr. Project Manager for an online advertising company.

Show promotion got a bit tough to handle while glued to an office computer 10+ hours daily… hence the creation of this blog…

This blog is dedicated to providing an outlet for quality hip-hop music that isn’t in anybody else’s pocket or consumed by popular trends throughout indie culture; an alternative to the waves of correspondingly identical content and complete lack of commentary among the majority of hip-hop music blogs out there.  I’m not going to jock someone just because they had a set at SXSW or Pitchfork Music Festival, nor will I write someone off because they didn’t.

I can be reached at publicaxis215@gmail.com for any questions, hatemail or music submissions.  Please pay attention to the types of artists/music supported on the blog before adding me to any newsletters.  I don’t typically post content I see in newsletters unless I really like it, or find it interesting.  However, I almost always read them; it would be against what the blog stands for if I didn’t.


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