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June 4, 2012

Virginia-bred emcee/producer Nottz is one of the most silently influential movers in hip-hop.  Chosing not to brand himself through tag lines or gaudy video appearances in any of the records he’s produced for Grammy-winning artists, his name doesn’t resonate with co-eds and scenesters in the same fashion as Kanye West or other icons he works with.  Nottz doesn’t have to.  With a production resume ranging from Biggie to Lyricist Lounge to Snoop, as well as his own rap records that have filtered through the underground for over 10 years, he’s truly ‘your favorite artist’s favorite artist’…

In late 2010 Nottz released You Need This Music, a Soul Survivor-esque, half-solo record, half-producer compilation that masterfully synthesizes flavors from all reaches of hip-hop/pop culture, enlisting ringers such as Mayer Hawthorne, Black Milk and Travis Barker… In the likeness of that project comes his new EP, In My Mind, available tomorrow, June 5th (2012).  A bit muddier than the preceeding LP, Nottz, Royce Da 5″9, Pusha T and others stomp through the tracks with contributions targeted to the core hip-hop audience…  A must-have in my book.

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