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The Lost Public Axis Podcast (2010)

April 26, 2012

Sometimes, regression can be a good thing- like this podcast for example…

Assembled this summer 2010, Overhead & Undersells is a collection of  leaks, remixes and other unreleased joints- most of which are appearing for the first time on a cohesive project.  Amidst a cavalry of releases from Small Professor, Zilla Rocca, and Curly Castro during, and since the time this was compiled, the 40 minute gem mixed by DJ Son Raw fell on the backburner for a while, but it’s too nice to be forgotten.  And with the onslaught of expectation-challenging material still to come from the artists on this mix, Overhead & Undersells serves as a marker for some of the earlier aesthetic milestones of these artists’ ever-elevating sounds.

DOWNLOAD: Overhead & Undersells… Thanks to Fresh from 33 Jones for hooking up the cover art!

Public Axis Podcast Volume 1


Curly Castro – ‘LA Traffic’ Freestyle Video (2010)

April 26, 2012

I forgot that I had this (obviously)… Recorded in Jeff Weiss’ whip during a trip to LA for shows, Curly Castro showcases his freestyle ability over (what is for most MCs) an atypical instrumental.  Enjoy.

Heather’s Birthday Party @ Eagle Tavern – 4/13/2012

April 24, 2012

This past Friday the 13th, we made the hike up to Quakertown, PA for Heather Slagel’s birthday party, where her brother Joe booked performances from Reef the Lost Cauze, Adlib, Nightwalker, Burke the Jurke and Vas Illi.  The performances closed out with an overwhelming cypher featuring Nico the Beast, Slim DSM, Petey Green, Capo, Rich Quick and a handful of others.  The wheels were handled masterfully by DJ Thoroughbred, who played more hardcore hip-hop than I’ve heard in my last 10 trips to a show combined; dude definitely knew his crowd.

Most importantly, it was nice to see so many city-dwellers make the long ride out to ‘the sticks’ for Heather and Joe.  For as long as I’ve been involved with the local event circuit, the Slagel siblings are as much of celebrities as any MC, persistently traveling 1hr+ to endorse nearly every underground show worth seeing.  If only once every year or so, we all can return the favor- a point acknowledged by everyone that picked up the mic that night.

Burke the Jurke & Vas – “That Bullshit”

Rich Quick in the Cypher

Chrome Depot Lives…

April 4, 2012

Chrome Depot Lives...

I was going through my pics and don’t remember where I grabbed this from, but I like the Super Mario-esque bullet-with-a-face chain and get a bit nostalgic remembering the inescapable presence of the Demigodz crew on Sandbox, UGHH, etc when shopping for records a decade ago… As for the convenient manipulation of various logos, I guess it hasn’t blipped on the Kelloggs legal radar, hence the beauty of underground music. What would happen if Mr. West (for some unconceivable reason) did the same thing? …Click the pic for more trademark hijackings and the latest from Apathy & Celph Titled…