Some of My Favorite Show Fliers

This first is a crazy flier from ASK? in celebration of Reef the Lost Cauze and Nico the Beast’s dual CD release party in April 08.   I challenge anyone to make a rap show promotion that looks more like United States currency………..

Side note:  this is the first time I’ve ever been bribed for a performance slot on a show.  This Patra look-alike approached me at the entrance (I hate working the door at my own shows) with a $20 bill that looked like it had been used everywhere besides someone’s ass.  When I resisted, she upped the ante with another $20.  I told her she couldn’t pay me $400 for a spot and she started crying.  Al Mighty swooped in like he was Camden’s Dr. Phil and somehow appeased the situation without any sexual advances…  Nothing but class over here.

After 12+ months of scowering the darkest corners of the Google Images database for backdrop photos to use on FRIDAY FIX fliers, this one was too great to pass on any longer.   I’ll never forget the look on the Staples clerk’s face when I submitted this one for print.

One of DJ Akshun’s best designs to date.   The concept’s self-explanatory, unless you’re more obvlivious to pro-basketball than I am.   College hoops is much better viewing, but fuck it.  I doubt eveyone would have recognized plays on the St John’s, Villanova and Georgetown logos.

All the way back in July of 2006 when I was still living a free man (which actually makes it seem like 5 years ago).  First and only live  hiphop show at the Bubble House, with the exception of Innermission 215’s spoken word series.  Props to Lauren Lopez on the design- I think this was her first and only flier not done for a hippy music show.


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